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Hebrew Israelite Myth #7 - The Apocrypha was always accepted as part of the Bible and pulled out by Racist Christians to Forward Slavery.

Hebrew Israelite Myth #7 - The Apocrypha was always accepted as part of the Bible and pulled out by racist Christians to forward slavery.

Type of Error: Historical

Response: The Apocrypha was never accepted as part of the Bible as historically demonstrated in the following ways:

  • Jesus nor-the apostles make reference / directly quote from it in contrast to how they clearly reference the old restatement with phrases like "it is written," "as the scriptures say" or "so sayth the Lord"
  • Jesus makes clear that he charges the Jews with all historical writings of the Old Testament, Tanakh, in Luke 11:51
  • From the first martyr Able to the last martyr Zachariah (Genesis to Chronicles) These are the first and last books of the Tanakh
  • The Apocrypha has clear false teaching like praying for the dead or paying to forgive sin or using witchcraft.
    • Command to use magic - Tobit 6:5-7
    • Forgiveness of sins by "tithing" for it - Tobit 4:11; 12:9
    • Offering money for the sins of the dead - 2 Maccabees 12:43-45
    • Claims you can divorce your wife if she disobeys you
  • The Jews at the time rejected the writings
    • Philo of Alexandria never quoted from it
    • Josephus the first-century historian explicitly rejected it
    • Maleto of Sardis circa 170 AD Gave full list of canonized Hebrew books and did not include it
    • The Jewish Council of Japnia 90 AD rejected it.
  • First-century Christian leaders and Jewish Historians rejected or did not mention it.
    • It was not added into the Catholic cannon until the late 1500s
    • The Catholic Church did not accept the Apocrypha until the Council of Trent in 1546
    • Jerome, Origin, Athanasius all rejected the Apocrypha
  • The Apocrypha is not prophetic; it is not inspired
    • There are no prophets alive during the time of the Apocrypha 1 Maccabees 9:27; 14: 41
So the Apocrypha was not always in the biblical cannon and pulled out just to suppress part of Gods word. Even the name "Apocrypha" meaning hidden was coined by the early Christian Church Father Jerome and he flatly rejected their incorporation in the cannon. He used the word "Hidden" not to say that they have secret knowledge but that they were not inspired. 

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